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Today's Reader is Tomorrow's Leader

Director of NB Foundation


Leonard "Nostra" Denis


Musician turned entrepreneur Leonard Denis founded NB Foundation in an inner-city classroom. As a writer, he saw firsthand how children struggled to learn the old-fashioned way how to read. Pulling from his experience as a young parent who has three avid readers,  he was determined to teach children to BECOME readers. His approach to reading created a groundbreaking instructional system that helps all children, regardless of their first language, to become highly successful readers.

The Staff

Rik Lennon


Award Winning Artist, Philanthropist, and Family Man. Even though he might be a new face to you, Rik Lennon is a seasoned entrepreneur in the underground Philadelphia hip-hop world. Not only is he a recording artist he also maintain his music career managing his self-made music group “R&H Everything” featuring several upcoming artist like himself and business partner H.O.T AKA H Ty James. Rik has his hands full with lots of behind the scene activities from audio to video editing which he gained professional experience through LaSalle University’s Communication Program. This program aired Lennon’s music worldwide  on Comcast and Fios. He was later blessed with his own internet radio show powered by LaSalle University.   
During this process Rik and his movement kept doing philanthropy and shows in and out of town which helped him gain a bigger fan base. He feel as . The R&H founder quote “We work too hard not to be recognized” . Rik Lennon continue to use his same promotion strategy to build his buzz, and help NB foundation reach new heights. 

Nicole Benns


 Nicole Benns is a  chief officer in NB Foundation . a passionate philanthropist ,skills in leadership consulting, and youth development. People appreciate her straight talk, often unconventional perspectives, and the depth of her “real world” executive experience. Nicole is distinguished by her ability to identify, leverage, and develop talent in people.  Nicole credits her parents for laying a foundation of hard work and persistence – no accolades allowed .  “Our ultimate goal is to help mentor the next generation of young men and women so they could feel empowered, inspired and independent, no matter their home situation 

Kelly Sauveur


Former amateur Boxer Kelly "Chinchecka" Sove is a  Detailed-oriented, responsible and committed person, with a get-it-done, on-time and high-quality product spirit, and more than a decade of experience working with youths in the community . due to a heart condition Kelly was forced to retire . being down for not fighting,  kelly regain his love for boxing by helping others in the Community. His  high energy and passion for fun come with his day-to-day life. he  take pride in doing a little bit of everything. In addition to his career, He also dabs in music as well  . It's definitely not uncommon to see him working two jobs in the same day. people call him Mr. everything and he always finds it rewarding. 

The Staff

Geraldine Denis


 Geraldine is the Glue to NB Foundation She is someone who understands the unique financial, social, and  concerns of our mission.