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Greg Geez


Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey. Greg Geez has been giving us challenges for a while, yet his new challenge now #helpyourcitychallenge is running wild in the city of Philadelphia. geez has started a campaign to collect new and slightly used jeans and clothes to help others that are in need. You learn something valuable from all of the significant events and people, but you never touch your true potential until you challenge yourself to go beyond imposed limitations. He is the definition of a true humble philanthropist  

Rapper / Director

Fis Banger

The first time i met Banga, born Nafis Middleton,  He told me he's just a regular guy. But his viral videos on Instagram are getting thousands of views and people are seeing him make an impact in their lives. he posted videos rapping  about domestic violence, suicide, fighting, gun violence, addiction, street harassment, and the criminal justice system, all in recent months.

"We got that good side and that bad side," Banga said of the character he takes on in the skits. "I'm kind of like that good side telling you not to do it."

check out one of Fis latest video below

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